Proving Negligence After a Car Accident

car accident, negligence, personal injury, law offices Many personal injury claims near Annapolis arise out of driver negligence. When a driver does not practice proper care while operating a motor vehicle—and that failure causes an accident that hurts someone else—it is time for a personal injury lawyer to get involved.

If you suffer personal injury in a car accident, your attorney will investigate your case to find out if the other driver was negligent. For a successful personal injury claim, you and your personal injury lawyer need to first show that the other driver breached his duty of care. In other words, he failed to act the way a reasonable person would have in a similar circumstance. Next, your personal injury lawyer will need to prove that that failure of care caused your accident. For example, it is often true that when a driver is talking on a cell phone and hits another car, he or she has been negligent.