Proving Liability in a Truck Accident Case

Truck Accident Liability and Injury Lawyers in Annapolis

Every accident case involves unique issues , but to prove liability, there are a few basic elements that must be present in the case. The defendant must be shown to have breached his or her duty to exercise reasonable care toward the plaintiff and that breach of duty must have caused the plaintiff’s injuries. To demonstrate these elements, a personal injury attorney located in Annapolis may gather physical evidence such as police reports, traffic camera footage, and medical records. The injury lawyer can also interview eyewitnesses; their statements may substantiate the claims of the plaintiff.

When reviewing the available evidence, the injury lawyer will look for acts of negligence or recklessness that the defendant may have committed. For example, the police reports may indicate that the truck driver was speeding, following too closely, or not obeying traffic signals. In some personal injury claims that involve truck accidents, other defendants may be named, such as the truck company or the manufacturer of truck parts. An injury lawyer may use internal records from those defendants to assess liability.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information about the topics discussed and does not qualify as legal advice. Every case is different and the laws applicable to each case may differ. If you have a legal matter, you should speak to an attorney to get advice on your particular situation.