Comparing Types of Damages in a Personal Injury Case

lawyer, personal injury, annapolis lawyer If you have been hurt in an accident that was not your fault, your first step should be to contact a reputable personal injury lawyer serving Annapolis. Personal injury law is complex, and an experienced attorney can help fight for your right to compensation. If the court determines that someone else’s negligence caused you harm, you will be awarded financial damages. Keep reading to learn more about different kinds of personal injury damages, like general damages and special damages, and see how each is calculated.

General Damages

If your personal injury lawyer has suggested filing a lawsuit to pursue general damages, that means there is a clear link between the defendant’s action and your injury. Even if the defendant could not have foreseen the severity of the harm, your personal injury attorney can still seek full compensation for whatever general damages you suffered. General damages may include physical pain and suffering, disfigurement or impairment, mental anguish, and lowered quality of life.

Special Damages

A personal injury claim that involves special damages must prove that the plaintiff suffered a loss with greater specificity. Special damages are all out-of-pocket expenses a plaintiff pays for because of the defendant’s actions. Special damages are designed to compensate a plaintiff for the adverse affects of the defendant’s actions. Common examples include damaged property, lost wages, lost future earning capacity, and past and future medical expenses.

Different Calculations

As your personal injury attorney will explain, general damages are more difficult to estimate because the calculation is subjective. For example, general damages like mental anguish are unique to the plaintiff and the situation. However, your lawyer should be able to provide you and the court with an exact estimation of special damages. When special damages are sought for loss of future wages or for future medical care, your attorney will use expert witnesses and other evidence to support the chosen amount.