How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Appeal Your Case

criminal law, criminal lawyer, lawyer annapolis, criminal defense annapolis If you have been found guilty of a crime after a jury trial, your criminal defense attorney in Annapolis can appeal the decision. An appeal is a formal request for a case review for legal error, and it’s made to a higher court than the one in which you were convicted. The error may have occurred during the course of the case itself, or during the conviction or sentencing proceedings.

You do not need to use the same criminal lawyer for your appeal that you used for your initial criminal case. In fact, if you believe that your criminal lawyer was not acting in your best interests or was incompetent, you may hire a new criminal attorney. Each state has deadlines regarding when an appeal can be filed, and further deadlines as to when specific legal documents must be filed and answered.

No new evidence can be introduced during a criminal appeal, and the judges can only review the record of the proceedings in the lower court. The appeals process is very lengthy, and it can take anywhere from several months to a year or more to be resolved.

If you appeal your conviction your attorney can try to get your sentence stayed, or put off, during the appeal process. If the appellate court determines that the lower court made a serious error they can reverse the decision of the lower court, or remand your case to the lower court for a new trial.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information about the topics discussed and does not qualify as legal advice. Every case is different and the laws applicable to each case may differ. If you have a legal matter, you should speak to an attorney to get advice on your particular situation.